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Two Door Cinema Club’s “Sleep Alone”

My, what three years can do for you.

Back then, the boys of Two Door Cinema Club were still a nerdy trio from Northern Island with an intriguing band name and catchy hooks. Dropouts who were focused on making music in their Bangor-based garage, they were raw, similar to the thousands of other teens around the world with a shred of musical talent. TDCC took their chance, however, parlaying that into a dance-friendly EP, then an American tour, then another tour, then a full album and then the promise land: Coachella.

Two Door’s upward trajectory over the span of three years has been fascinating, a case study of how hype can rocket a band overnight–or over three years–into the stratosphere. But now the reality check: the sophomore album.

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Coachella 2011: Day Two

Desert rain. (Photo courtesy of mirno.com)

After Friday’s dazzling displays and painless navigations, we knew the other shoe had to drop on Saturday. No, it wasn’t the volcano of last year, but it might as well have been during the face-melting heat of the afternoon. The sun became the nemesis of Coachella Day Two, turning up the heat to a slow broil for the hungover and clothes-less masses. Brains were scrambled for the festival hump day–one woman “mentally altered on substances” fell off the Ferris wheel–but the day still had its shining moments.

Though expected, the stupefying heat proved an obstacle that some bands couldn’t surmount. Positioned in the unforgiving sunlight, mid-afternoon acts Here We Go Magic and Erykah Badu suffered from low numbers and lethargic crowds. When lines for hydration stations are more dangerous than the gnarliest Gogolo Bordello pit, you know you have a problem. Performers fortunate to be under canopies fared better, wooing staggering festival-goers into sweaty, explosive dance parties. Lil B also drew some interest away from festival’s larger stages and toward the Oasis Dome as he was joined by the whole Odd Future crew (who oddly claimed they were kicked out) to turn up Saturday’s swag (also swag, bringing in your personal spatula for the cook dance.)

Fans who survived the endurance test were rewarded with mind-blowing acts by veteran performers Broken Social Scene and Animal Collective on the mainstage. At the end of the day, the final strains of Arcade Fire were worth the aching feet and absurd post-festival clusterfuck.

Some reviews from Saturday:

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Songs of 2010: Two Door Cinema Club’s “Eat That Up, It’s Good For You”

No need to be sad, boys. (Brian Valdizno/Treeswingers)

Getting over someone can be a difficult to handle alone. Thankfully we have music to help us out of our dark times. Two Door Cinema Club’s Tourist History served that purpose this past year, pumping us up for recovery with their debut album’s high energy and feel-good tracks, leaving us with the confidence of knowing we’d be just fine.

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Treeswingers’ 2010 in Photos

The view from above at Coachella 2010. (Kyle Lishok/treeswingers)

2010 turned out to be a pretty good year for us at treeswingers. We survived being lost in the ocean of blogs the Interwebs has to offer, and celebrated our first birthday. We trekked across the state, tracking some of the best acts and festivals. And most importantly, we added some new faces–namely two faces that seem to be constantly attached to their camera viewfinders. Brian and Kyle came to us and different points in the year, adding a completely different, visual dimension to the blog. From shows at Los Angeles’ Echoplex to whole day excursions in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, these two have done it all in their short time shooting for us. Below are Brian and Kyle’s handpicked shots of the year, helping us relive some of our favorite moments of 2010.

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Two Door Cinema Club at Slim’s 11/5/10

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This week we witnessed the return of two of our favorites back to San Francisco:  our very own Giants and Northern Ireland’s Two Door Cinema Club.  In a few short months since their American debut in May, Two Door Cinema Club have become world beaters, releasing their first LP, Tourist History, and touring the globe. And with the buzz from the Giant’s World Series win lingering in the City By The Bay, there could not have been a better time for the Irish trio to play a show with Funeral Party and Generationals at Slim’s.

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