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Songs of 2010: Breakbot’s “Baby I’m Yours”

Something funny happened in 2010.  Like fluoride (or something stronger…) in the water supply, nostalgia permeated the musical landscape.  Maybe it’s because the first wave of babies from the 80s turned 30, and sought to fight back their impending mortality–incarnated in thinning hairlines and growing guts–with the power of synthesizers and straightforward pop phrasings.  Maybe it’s because being in a recession is fucking terrible, and it’s more fun to dust off your disco jams than to think about it.  Maybe our generation just isn’t that creative.

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Jamaica’s No Problem

80s hair rock hits Paris three decades later... (Photo courtesy of myspace.com/ithinkilikejamaica)

As a musical entity, Jamaica doesn’t make for easy categorization. For one, they have nothing to do with the Caribbean nation. There’s nothing remotely reggae, dancehall or ska about them. In fact, they’re French, which can lead to even more confusion.

While you’d expect a Parisian duo to plug in their laptops and bust out the synths to follow in the mold of Daft Punk and Justice, Ed Banger’s Jamaica has traded in the turntables for a pair of of electric guitars and a knack to shred. Formerly known as Poney Poney, the pair of Antoine Hilaire and Flo Lyonnet have capitalized on our pure fascination with the culmination of musical libido: the electric guitar solo.

Jamaica lacks much of the electronic gadgetry of their French brethren, leaving little opportunity for synth contributions between the layered 80s guitar riffs and poppy lyrics. In fact the band went into the studio with the promise that they’d leave synths at the door. The duo’s debut album, No Problem, is a high-energy deviation from the supposed French expectations for electronic, taking our 21st century computer-infatuated asses and reminding us of a decade when neon spandex, hair and finger-tapping were king.

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