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Local Natives Announce New Album, Release “Breakers”

“Breakers” broke Sara. (Kyle Lishok/treeswingers)

When we last spoke to Local Natives over two years ago, we were worried. Worried that their sophomore follow-up wouldn’t quite live up to their breakthrough album Gorilla Manor. And while they most likely had no idea what direction their second LP was going, we asked guitarist Ryan Hahn to give us some comfort–so, naturally, we asked him if it was going to suck.

“Man, I hope not,” he said back then. “Everyone’s got ideas floating around and I’m really excited about all the stuff I’ve heard. I don’t think we really have a plan, per se, so we’ll see.”

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Jensen Sportag Forces You To Dig Out Your Dancing Shoes

Jensen Sportag yourself in this photo. (Photo courtesy of

A couple days ago, I missed my exit on the 101 during rush hour. If this means nothing to you, I’m eternally envious. But if it does, then you know it’s nearly impossible to miss ANYTHING when you’re going two mph, unless of course you’re jamming out to Jensen Sportag, as I was.

It’s been a little less than a year since the Nashville duo released their super-smooth electro EP Pure Wet and although we are thankful for their accompaniment on the road, we’ve been waiting for something new. It’s as though they detected our desperation, because they released, not one, but two new remixes that have us craving a disco ball and a lit-up dance floor yet again. From folk to indie pop, anything these two touch can be turned into 80s glossed gold — these two edits are no exception.

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For Your Summer Anthem Consideration: The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather”

By now, your knitted garments are tucked away somewhere in the back of your closet, slopped over your boots and corduroy jeans. The thought of a cozy sweater immediately forms sweat beads on the nib of your nose. So why this song? Why now? Why “Sweater Weather?” as your last-minute summer anthem? Because it’s hot — and because its catchy melody, body-moving beats and seductive lyrics are seemingly more fit for a bonfire at the beach than a book by the fireplace.

Blame it on the fact that The Neighbourhood, despite their pretentious “ou” spelling, hail from Southern California (where summer is winter is fall is spring and a sweater is used for fashion, not function). But seriously, who cares? (Not you, not us).  As suggested in the chorus, (“no shirt, no blouse”), this song is the perfect warm weather jam. If you haven’t had the chance to familiarize yourself this summer with The Neighbourhood, allow us to introduce you to the emerging hip-hop-tinged quintet. Their debut EP I’m Sorry was released for free late last Spring. You can download it here, but lest you go on and forget, be sure to add this single to your pool party playlist…before it’s actually sweater weather.

The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather (download)

Yuna Sweetens Up Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You”


Hours after Frank Ocean released Channel Orange last week, fans flooded the Internet with their own renditions of his ever entrancing R&B ballads. We mean no disrespect, but few could truly capture the emotive essence of any one of his songs, let alone match that falsetto he does so stunningly in so many of his tracks. But there is something to be said about taking something great and making it your own. That’s exactly what Malaysian indie-songstress Yuna did with her honeyed version of “Thinkin Bout You.” From the comfort of her LA home (looking as adorable as ever), Yuna captivates with her sweet rendering of Ocean’s sexy serenade. It may not win over the original, but it gives us one more reason to love her.

Frank Ocean- Thinkin Bout You (download)

City and Colour isn’t really as sad as he sounds

Cute and cuddly. (Photo: Vanessa Heins)

30 seconds is all Dallas Green needs. 30 seconds into his favorite song, “Hope for now,” is all it takes for him to lure you in so he can pour his uneasy heart out to you in a sorrowful serenade. But Green, under the moniker of City and Colour, vows that making you cry isn’t the sole purpose of his third album release, Little Hell, which snagged the top spot on the iTunes album charts in Canada this week. Within the minor chords and lyrics of despair and disdain are flickers of light and life lessons learned. When we caught up with the Canadian indie-rocker, we chatted about his new album, the “riveting” derivation behind C&C and of course, why, oh why, his songs are so sad.

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