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Farewell, Amy Winehouse

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Another tragic blow to the musical world, the iconic Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London home.  Personally, I don’t like to dwell too much on death, so I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs from her.  Rest in Peace, Amy.  Your voice and soul will be missed.

Amy Winehouse – Love Is A Losing Game (Rhodes Ver.) (download)

Kanye West / Jay-Z “Otis”

A new track drops from the two biggest H.A.M.s, Kanye West and Jay-Z, who revert back to their classic style of witty rhymes and hard punchlines,  “Sophisticated ignorance I write my curses in cursive.” “Otis,” a tribute to the late Otis Redding, samples the soul singer’s “Try A Little Tenderness” and makes us all a little more attentive to these two hip-hop kings. Watch The Throne  drops on Aug. 1.

Kanye West and Jay-Z – Otis (download)

Moi y Toro y Moi

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No fancy writing to accompany this post.   One thing I can say though is that Toro Y Moi is one of the best remedial tools for a stressing summer quarter college student.

Toro Y Moi – Blessa (Daytrotter Session) (download)

Toro Y Moi – You Hid (Daytrotter Session) (download)

Video: Plus Minus “Steal The Blueprints”

For all the summer scholars that need good music to get them through the day, I give you, Plus Minus (+/-).  They are a three member band based out of New York City who sound like a combination of a less depressed Ben Gibbard and Bloc Party.  Although, they do have some slightly depressing songs for you guys and gals who are into that sort of thing.  They’ve been around for a while so I can’t exactly tell you to check out one particular album, but these are the songs that caught my attention.  So, be sure to check out the rest of their music here.

Plus Minus – Steal The Blueprints (download)

Plus Minus- The Important Thing Is To Love (download)

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Video: Gant Rugger SS 2011 “Gangs of New Haven”

Okay, so most of you Treeswingers regulars will be wondering why I’m posting up this preppy video of preppy boys doing preppy things.  This isn’t a fashion blog.  Or one of those menswear tumblrs.  While I do love both, the main reason this video is going up is for the band providing the good summer tunes, U.S. Royalty.   A refreshing change of pace from most electro-synth tinge sounds of our generation, the four piece rock band from D.C. is poised to change the musical landscape one guitar riff at a time.   So be sure to check out this video for an excellent song to start out the summer.  Also check out the bands debut album Mirrors out now.

U.S. Royalty – Vacation Vacation (download)