Stars’ “The Theory Of Relativity”

Heading North. (Photo: Norman Wong)

As always, we’re keeping it classy this Fourth and celebrating America’s birthday with a track from our northern neighbors.

The longevity of Canada’s Stars is something to admired. Nearing their 15th year together and on the verge of releasing their sixth full album, the quintet from Toronto still has it judging by their most recent release. “The Theory Of Relativity,” the first track from new studio release The North, is a glittery throwback to the band’s earlier days. Using a similar formula to the title track on Set Yourself On Fire, Stars builds off drum machine beats and keyboard melodies, while forgoing any of the traditional guitar work.  Torquil Campbell is the main instigator here, cracking together his typically cheeky lines, while Amy Millan provide’s an angelic contrast to the guttural synths that dominate the song.

The North is out on Sept. 4 via ATO Records.

Stars- The Theory Of Relativity (download)

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