Alicia Keys’ “New Day”

Say ayyy.

“Party people say ‘ayyy, it’s a new day.’”

So sings Alicia Keys on her latest track which seems to herald a new era for the songstress best known for empowering ballads. “New Day” is more woo than womp, replete with rolling snares and a banging beat reminiscent of Swizz Beatz-produced Eve “Tambourine” (rumor has it AK’s hubby Beatz got behind the mixing desk on this one, too.)┬áThere’s no doubt AK can sing, and her vocals here channel late J. Lo and Rihanna over the requisite Keys piano jabs.

The music industry will be doing itself a discredit if this video does not feature sun-kissed babes with their arms up in a convertible interspersed with shots of a summery block party and Keys on the beach as the sun rises. Just sayin’.

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