Battles’ “Ice Cream” gets sticky

If you’re having a slow Monday and you’re not sick of our search for the next summer anthem (here, here and here), check out Battles’ new video for their song “Ice Cream” off soon-to-be-released sophomore album, Gloss Drop.

Opening with a not-so-safe-for-work montage of an ice cream enjoying bather, the video quickly becomes what would happen if the creators of Karate Kid made Ralph Macchio dress in American Apparel, drop acid and practice crane kicks while surrounded by tongue-happy young women during a San Gabriel Valley heat wave. In other words, it’s batshit crazy.

Gloss Drop drops on June 7 on Warp Records.

Battles- Ice Cream (ft.Matias Aguayo) (download)

2 responses to “Battles’ “Ice Cream” gets sticky

  1. daniellemolina

    heard this song and video when it was released and loved it. it’s so fun and spontaneous.

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