The Chemical Brothers’ Hanna Soundtrack

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Yeah, Daft Punk have Tron: Legacy and some soda bottles, but The Chemical Brothers are adding an original movie soundtrack to their portfolio as well. Composing the musical backing for what looks to be an intense international spy thriller full of ridiculous Eastern European accents, The Chemical Brothers have shown that their style is flexible and effective. Even without seeing the movie, it’s already clear that the soundtrack will make its mark on the audience.

The main tune, “Hanna’s Theme”, is a dreamy, chime-based song that could go on forever without getting boring. It is also an example of the musical niches The Chemical Brothers can squeeze into that Daft Punk could not; the organic tones and soft vocals couldn’t have come from the inside those helmets. Then again, The Chemical Brothers still know when to return to their classic sound, and the heart-pounding “Car Chase” will undoubtedly be a great accompaniment to, well, presumably a car chase.

No guarantees about the whole movie Hanna, but like Tron: Legacy, it should be a great listening experience at the very least. Director Joe Wright says, “You can expect an extraordinarily loud, thumping, deeply funky score that will not disappoint.”

The Chemical Brothers – Hanna’s Theme (vocal version) (download)

The Chemical Brothers – Car Chase (arp worship) (download)

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