JUNIP’s In Every Direction

JUNIP has fallen into a comfortable place — José Gonzales’ rich and echoed-out voice, tossed with some intricate rhythms and sprinkled with extra moodiness makes for a consistently successful formula. The band’s latest EP, In Every Direction, goes pretty much in the same direction — but we can’t complain.

The titular anchor track, “In Every Direction,” plays on its fuzzed-out background sound to add a layer of haze over the entire song, but the EP also includes two remixes of the same track — and the White Sea retake turns the whole thing on its head, emphasizing a choral background and hand claps that drag the song down South.

In between the first track and its retakes are nestled a few other JUNIP-colored gems, like the instrumental “Nakrosdammen” and the tinkling “Pling,” which plays with xylophone-esque sounds over a sharp beat and steady bass. It’s a mix of sweet and salty; here’s to hoping there’ll be a main course to follow this appetizer.

JUNIP – In Every Direction (download)

JUNIP – Pling (download)

JUNIP – In Every Direction (White Sea Remix) (download)

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