Songs of 2010: Breakbot’s “Baby I’m Yours”

Something funny happened in 2010.  Like fluoride (or something stronger…) in the water supply, nostalgia permeated the musical landscape.  Maybe it’s because the first wave of babies from the 80s turned 30, and sought to fight back their impending mortality–incarnated in thinning hairlines and growing guts–with the power of synthesizers and straightforward pop phrasings.  Maybe it’s because being in a recession is fucking terrible, and it’s more fun to dust off your disco jams than to think about it.  Maybe our generation just isn’t that creative.

But I tend to think of this call to the musical tropes of the past as a maturation.  If there’s one thing you could learn from indie music in 2010 it’s that quality never goes out of style, and that the internet opens up space for a million beautiful subcultures to flourish.  And flourish they have.

Breakbot’s “Baby I’m Yours (ft. Irfane)” is a prime example of the sort of weird musical coral that grew out of the great pop culture reef that is 2010.  All sparkly pianos and crooning vocal samples floating on top of a sinuous rubber band of a bassline and a four on the floor beat straight out of 1975, “Baby I’m Yours” sounds exuberantly anachronistic in an era of iPhones and dubstep.  Impeccably arranged, “Baby I’m Yours” builds to a glorious climax, as a whole nu-wave orchestra joins, synths, guitars, horns, then falls silent with a flourish to let that Anthrax-level-infectious synth line rise up like a snake charmer’s cobra in your chest. When Irfane sings “This I do declare / Trust me I’ll be there” and the full instrumentation breaks back in, it’s a rush of emotion usually reserved for more private moments.

It’s this emotion that separates “Baby I’m Yours” from plenty of other disco and nu-wave cribbing 2010 tracks.  More earnest than the hazy nostalgia of chillwave bros like Washed Out or Toro y Moi, Breakbot isn’t trying to recall some long-lost childhood emotion.  After all, none of us were born, let alone dancing, in 1975.  And yet, this nouveau-disco cut fits right in to the millenial oeuvre, and can light up a dancefloor in a way that almost no ‘future thinking’ electronic music artists can, especially if drugs are removed.  This is a track to share with friends, with lovers and, in a long time, with your kids–that is, if they haven’t already remade it.

Breakbot- Baby I’m Yours (ft. Irfane) (download)

2 responses to “Songs of 2010: Breakbot’s “Baby I’m Yours”

  1. Dan. Possibly the Man.

    leave a comment chochachos!

  2. Nice post! I think the hula-hooping, groovin’ girl in the video is my dancing soul sister.

    Bring on the 2011 dance parties.

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