Stirrings from Sweden

The Hives are back. Kind of. (Courtesy of

Alert: new music from Swedish rockers The Hives. Well, not really new, but after a three-year hiatus I’ll take anything. On Friday, the Hives are releasing Tarred and Feathered, a three-song collection of covers and their first release since 2007’s Black and White Album.

The first track, “Civilization’s Dying” has The Hives frontman Pelle Almqvist in his element, howling over a frenetic backbeat and smudged guitars—it’s a vast improvement on the Zero Boy’s hardcore (read: whinier) original. The other two covers are of Australian new wave Flash and the Pan’s “Early Morning Wake Up Call” and “Nasty Secretary,” by Joy Rider & Avis Davis.

The Hives – Civilization’s Dying (Zero Boys Cover) (download)

3 responses to “Stirrings from Sweden

  1. anyway you could reupload?

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