Christmas (Eve)^2

Tons of bands have songs about Christmas.  Despite their common abbreviation to JEW, Jimmy Eat World is no exception, as they put out an EP titled “Last Christmas” in 2001:

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Christmas is even so big, that there are songs written about the day before AND after: Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

Jimmy Eat World takes the whole thing even further.  The simple “12.23.95″ off of arguably their best album, “Clarity,” gives the day before the day before Christmas at least 3 minutes, 44 seconds of fame.

Merry Christmas, baby.

Jimmy Eat World – 12.23.95 (download)

One response to “Christmas (Eve)^2

  1. Dear LORD, I love that JEW song (also, love how you note the irony.) Clarity was amazing.

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