Two Door Cinema Club’s “I Can Talk”

two door cinema club

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It seems like computer problems have become the norm for us at treeswingers. My Macbook crashed last week and I watched in fear as the spinning beach ball of death took over my computer. I cried over the 40+ gigs of music and academic accumulation I stood to lose (stupidly, I never backed up any my files). Charlie’s computer also decided to fail last Thursday.

Two trips to the Apple store later I have a new hard drive, free of charge, and was somehow miraculously able to recover the majority of my files and all my music. Thank you to Anthony, the large and bearded Apple genius, for saving my world.

After being without a computer for about a week, I went on a music rampage and came across these guys out of North Ireland, Two Door Cinema Club. While they have yet to release a full album, they’ve hit the blogosphere hard and have made quite the impression with their first single “Something Good Can Work.” Their second single “I Can Talk” is set to be released on the Nov. 23 looks to be quality.

The band is very much in electro rock/pop mold of bands like Phoenix and Does it Offend You, Yeah? with sub-3 minute songs filled with enthusiastic guitar bursts, pacy bass lines and a fair amount of clapping. And while their myspace states that they’ve been compared to Death Cab and Broken Social Scene, I’ve yet to see or hear the comparison. There’s nothing melodramatic about these guys, they’re straight up energetic and addicting.


Two Door Cinema Club- I Can Talk (download)

Two Door Cinema Club- Undercover Martyn (download)

Two Door Cinema Club- Cigarettes in the Theatre (download)

BONUS: Two Door Cinema Club- I Can Talk (French Horn Rebellion Remix) (download)

BONUS: Two Door Cinema Club- I Can Talk (Moulinex Remix) (download)

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