Empire of the Sun – “Without You”

No, there’s no dancing swordfish women in this one. Also gone are the exotic backdrops and epic locales.

But Empire of the Sun’s newest music video for “Without You” is still a great one, and as always, a touch mental.

In it, lonely lead singer Luke Steele performs the group’s fourth single from debut album “Walking on a Dream,” joined by a hungry horse and some marble animals. Steele has already had quite the summer, featured most recently on Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint 3.” Despite the attention, he remains “unique” as ever, emperor of his own weird little world.


2 responses to “Empire of the Sun – “Without You”

  1. illswingwithtrees.

    i miss the dancing swordfish.

  2. not sure how this album can have four singles. yeah if absurd makeup and marble animals can’t strip a song of its genericness…

    (_walking on a dream_ would have turned out better had it been 11 remixes of the title track)

    while I’m at it: I nominate this album for cheesiest art!

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